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Lake View Resort, an Invitation from life to fall in love again..... Its an Exciting Week-End Destination. An attractively landscaped garden with Cobbled pathways, Shaded porticos, Umbrella sit outs and Tranquil view of the Lake make The Lake View Resort fun and relaxation personified.

  • "Unending Excitement" In beautiful Resorts & Comfortable Rooms

  • Indulge in Boating in a Beautiful Perennial Lake

  • A specially designed  Swimming Pool and Rain Zone

  • Funzone & Indoor Games

  • A Waterfall with a Paddle Pool

  • Kid’s Zone & Mini Zoo.

  • Children Play Area

  • Box Cricket

  • Mini Theatre & Entertainment Area



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Mini Theatre 

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Swimming Pool with Rain Dance

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Rain Dance 

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Landscaped Gardens 

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Mini Zoo

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Boating in Perennial Lake



Children Play Area

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Box Cricket











Fun Zone in Boat with Party Deck

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Indoor Games


Entertainment Area 

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Within close proximity to Lake View Resort there are a number of fun and interesting attractions to enjoy.

  1. Lake View Resort is tucked Away in the catchment area of the 3 major lakes of Mumbai Tansa, Vaitarna & Modak Sagar.

  2. Four perennial rivers also flow within a 10 km radius . They include Vaitrana, Pinjal, Dherja and Tansa

  3. For trekking enthusiasts, the famous Khuj Fort of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj that is as a breathtaking height of 2500 feet is just a stones throw away. This fort boasts of perennial cold-water springs.

  4. A wildlife sanctuary set amidst a forest area is just around the corner

  5. Surya Mahal - This hilly township surrounded by hills and forest area is accessed through a picturesque road winding past numerous waterfalls during the rains. Day safaris to this exotic location are a pleasure and get you closer to nature




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